We have had many comments, written and verbal but these are just a few of them.

“Few of us think of growing old.  Few of us contemplate leaving our own homes to take up a room in a residential home.  Then again few of us believe that we can condense eight rooms into one and still feel immensely rich.  But we do grow old and we can live a residential life, especially if we are encouraged to make that one room one’s home.  In ‘my home’, alongside the necessities of life, we are encouraged to do just that!  I have a few treasured items of furniture, some favourite books, television, CD player, ornaments, a dozen or so paintings and a computer station.   There are all sorts of activities going on all day, every day.  Some I join in.  Some I don’t.  There’s no pressure.  But most importantly I have a front door.  That front door is very special because my world is behind it, yet I know that just the other side, should I need it, is all the help that I could possibly require, and more.  Do I want some extra shopping today?  Is it market day with the fresh fish stall?  Whatever extras I want, I have no hesitation in asking for them.  If I am a nuisance I don’t feel it, any more that do those who stroll through my front door at any time of the day to visit me in my home.”

(Resident November 2017)

“I don’t think you could improve on anything.  The food is good.  The staff are excellent.”

(Resident November 2017)

“It’s a Home from Home because of the food and the comfort.”

(Resident  November 2017)

“It’s a very efficient organisation because staff do what they say they are going to do and they care about people.”

(Resident 2017)

“There is a very high commitment to helping and caring for the residents by every member of staff.  Well Done.”

(Liam Small 2017)

“All residents and our mother in particular seem very content and well cared for.  We are delighted with the care mum receives at Highfield House and have every confidence in the staff.”

(Sara Evans 2017)

“We could not be happier with the care provided at Highfield House and that … made to feel it is her home where she is very happy.  We appreciate the efforts made to involved her and keep her stimulated as well as realising that she can be reluctant to do so.”

(Maureen Crofton 2017)

“A big thank you for looking after my mother so well.  The care and attention she received from all your staff speaks volumes for your selection and recruitment of your people, who couldn’t have been more caring and kind, that made her life so comfortable and her end so serene”

(Savill Young 2017)

“To all the wonderful staff at Highfield House who have so kindly and sensitively cared for my mother over the past 6 years.  Our eternal thanks for all that you have done.”

(Verona MacKenzie 2017)

“I do wish to thank you and all your staff for all the magnificent care and compassion that you gave to ….. since she joined you in Jan 2015.  She was happy, contented and very glad to be one of your residents, she was very lucky to be looked after by you all.  I shall miss ….. greatly and I will miss trips down to you.  I shall always be very grateful to you all.”

(Peter Smith MBE 2017)

“Highfield House could not be a better place for my mother.  She loves all the staff and is very comfortable and as happy as she can be.  Without exception, the staff are so kind, caring and seem genuinely interested in my mum.  I  wish we could encourage her to join in with the activities but that is not to be it seems.  Even with this aspect the staff are so good.  Always they ask if she would like to join in but nobody pushes or nags her into doing something against her will. Thank you to everybody for taking such good care of my mum.”

(Jenny Humble 2017)

“I and my family very much appreciate the excellent level of are and support that has been given to my Aunt since she first arrived at Highfield House.  Also, staff have on several occasions gone very much out of their way to help my Aunt and to keep the family fully informed in times of crisis.”

(Nick Cooper 2017)