We have had many comments, written and verbal but these are just a few of them.

“Few of us think of growing old.  Few of us contemplate leaving our own homes to take up a room in a residential home.  Then again few of us believe that we can condense eight rooms into one and still feel immensely rich.  But we do grow old and we can live a residential life, especially if we are encouraged to make that one room one’s home.  In ‘my home’, alongside the necessities of life, we are encouraged to do just that!  I have a few treasured items of furniture, some favourite books, television, CD player, ornaments, a dozen or so paintings and a computer station.   There are all sorts of activities going on all day, every day.  Some I join in.  Some I don’t.  There’s no pressure.  But most importantly I have a front door.  That front door is very special because my world is behind it, yet I know that just the other side, should I need it, is all the help that I could possibly require, and more.  Do I want some extra shopping today?  Is it market day with the fresh fish stall?  Whatever extras I want, I have no hesitation in asking for them.  If I am a nuisance I don’t feel it, any more that do those who stroll through my front door at any time of the day to visit me in my home.”

(Resident November 2017)



I am very happy here, and the staff are kind and helpful and very good the they help my daughter who is partially sighted. I love my room. Thank you to everyone who cares for us. You do a wonderful job.


Jenny Barham – Daughter of Resident


As you know we all think Highfield House is a wonderful place and how happy Mum is there, thanks to such dedicated and thoughtful staff.


Pete Marsden – Son of Resident


Highfield house stands out because as well as being a very comfortable and welcoming home, it has exceptional and dedicated managers and staff who really care about each resident, to ensure they are happy and settled.  They organise an amazing variety of activities, so there is something to suit everyone, including trips to the theatre and afternoon tea.

‘Thank you’ isn’t really enough to express how I feel about all that you did for my dear mum.  You showed her such care, compassion and love over the three and a half years she spent at Highfield that I couldn’t have asked for more.  It took a while to settle her in, but you worked hard with her and eventually managed to get her out of her room and joining in activities in the lounge, taking meals in the dining room and enjoying trips our – a major feat!  And we mustn’t forget Teddy and his array of clothes, he was a very important part of her life and you took to him and looked after him as well!


­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Sue Mauger – Niece of Resident


My Aunt has been resident at Highfield for over 18 months and a better care home would be hard to find.  The entire team are all so dedicated to giving their absolute best in caring for all the residents and respect their individual likes and dislikes.  The Management are very professional in every way and ensure that the atmosphere is akin to a happy family home.   The home itself is well maintained with first rate facilities, and the well-kept gardens are a peaceful haven for residents and visitors alike in the summer.    As the family do not live in the area it is very reassuring to know that my Aunt’s needs are meticulously monitored and dealt with.   An informative Newsletter is also emailed to family contacts which is useful for keeping in touch with upcoming events and information on the home, and whenever we contact the Home we receive such friendly and obliging support.    The rating this year should read  “SUPERBLY OUTSTANDING”.


Sophie Denny – Daughter of Resident


Thank you so, so much for all care, love and support you gave to my father while he was at Highfield House.,  It was a comfort and huge weight off my mind to know that he was somewhere being treated with dignity, respect – the best quality care.  I couldn’t thank you all enough also for the support you gave me, not only in his last moments but throughout his stay at Highfield House.  I will miss seeing you all and coming down to Castle Cary.  You are all fantastic carers of people and I can’t thank you enough for caring for my father how you did.